A Flexible Solution

Visually impaired individuals face a unique challenge when interacting with the constantly changing obstacles of an active world. While static objects and landmarks are easier to bypass, temporary hazards, like construction, can pose a serious risk.

BeAware is an innovative approach to cataloguing dynamic environments and making hazard zones easily avoidable. Using both moveable and fixed iBeacons, locations are accurate within inches, and precise GPS integration allows the creation of countless additional markers.

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Customizable Structure

By providing a comprehensive set of administrative and user tools, the BeAware technology bundle streamlines the ability to personalize, manage, and experience tailored location-based navigation.

The Admin software enables intuitive management of marker placement and notification details, right from the desktop.

The Mobile Installer offers the ability to add and edit markers on the go, responding to any dynamic environment with ease.

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Safety Simplified

With BeAware’s user app, no one is excluded, and people of all abilities have the opportunity to stay informed about significant changes in their surroundings.

Individuals with visual impairments can travel in safety, confident they will be alerted to obstacles, and administrators will feel secure knowing they’ve provided socially responsible resources and mitigated risk.

Choose BeAware to expand perception and embrace inclusion with innovation for everyone.

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Take every step in the right direction.

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